University of Wisconsin–Madison


What is it? 2 members go head to head in an epic battle of their favorite recent ads

Who can compete? Anyone in the club! 

How do you vote? On our Instagram story @adclubwisc

What is the prize? Both of the competitors get a pizza, the Winner gets a Large (2 topping) and the “loser” gets a Medium (1 topping).

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Past Competitors

Nick Dotson vs. Rachel Clark (Winner)

Trang Hoang (Winner) vs. Yonah Davis

Joe Hinds (Winner) vs. Hariharan Jayaprakash

Isabel Kim vs. Grace Steinagel (Winner)

Cara Vonderwell (Winner) vs. Abby Bradbury 

Austin Fletcher vs. Mckenna Sheehan (Winner) 

Johnny Bildings vs Spicer Lear (Winner)

Brighid Hartnett vs Sebastian Karo (Winner)