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What is Agency all about?

  • Advertising Club Agency gives you the opportunity to work with REAL world clients, either a local business or a student organization, and produce REAL work for your resume or portfolio!

  • You and your agency team will work together to create new branding strategies, ad campaigns and assist in marketing for businesses and organizations around Madison.

  • No prior experience is necessary. Our Agency executive board will work with you to make sure you learn the skills you need.

  • Groups will meet via Zoom every Tuesday after our general meetings.


Account Manager: In charge of client relations, making sure their needs are met and keeping the group on track to meet deadlines.

Social media director: The Social Media Specialist is in charge of managing the clients social media presence, creating social campaigns and producing content calendars for the client.

Copywriter: Copywriters are in charge of the language of advertising. Everything from event descriptions to writing on a poster goes through the copywriters. Works closely with a Graphic Designer to brainstorm ideas!

Graphic designer: Graphic Designers are in charge of creating logos, posters and everything in between. We are in high demand for this position! Graphic Designers also work with Copywriters to brainstorm ideas.

Video Production: This position includes the brainstorming and creation and editing of videos, depending on the client’s needs.

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