University of Wisconsin–Madison


Ad Club members earn points for completing actions and staying engaged in the club. Members can earn points for anything from attending meetings to participating in social media shout-outs. At the end of each semester, the top three point-earners will each win a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place reward and all members will be entered in a raffle with each point representing an entry. Top 5 point earners from each week will also be entered into a weekly raffle for a $10 gift card!

Points Menu:

Make sure to tag @adclubwisc in any Instagram posts!

Meeting Attendance 2 point
Post a Meeting Story 2 points
Compete in BoTA 4 points
Win BoTA additional 1 pt
Active Agency Member 10 points
Follow IG 1 point
Post Pic of Merch (shirt) 3 points
Repost IG Post to Story 2 points
Attend a Meeting Via Zoom 1 point
Zoom Meeting w/Camera On additional 1 pt
Pizza With Peers 5 points
Nitty Mixer 4 points
Story at the Nitty Mixer 2 points
Member Highlight Entry 3 points

Top 5 Point Earners Spring 2022:

  1. Hariharan Jayaprakash

2. Cara Vonderwell

3. Mary Goss

4. Alexa Rappaport 

5. Gavin St. Cyr